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No sound

Kudos to this man.

Very nice video showing the games that “authorities” play, and the problems that come with the conflation of conversational English and the language known as Legalese. Though English and Legalese use words that sound seemingly the same, all laws are written in Legalese as to provide definitions removed from the realm of God, to the realm of the Beast. I certainly recommend that everyone download Bouvier’s 1856 dictionary, and buy a Black’s Law dictionary 4th or 5th edition to see how many words you use daily with not a clue of their true meaning.



massive issues with Prince Charles. He has been working on this shite for years.

This disease is gone finally and he won’t be holding any child raping and human hunting parties himself but there are plenty more to take his place. I wonder if he and Bush and the rest of them will be on a roasting rotisserie for ever! Whatever they face it will not be good for them but well deserved!

Yes Green Valley is the Belgian prime minister, I see that you already knew thanks to PikkuKalle, Great, good to know we are a little team

Honestly, if you take the jab you simply aren’t using your brain.

They kept that saint of a gash Ruth Bader Ginsberg alive, what the mystery ? The lights are not on AND nobody is at home. The AFT remark kills me. He’s had too much ALCAPAUL along with his diminished mental capacity.


Oh you mean that Turkish Muslim Turd that reported that a so-called teacher from Sandy Hook saved 15 school children and and herself by cramming them into a bathroom that was too small for one adult. THE SANDY HOOK MAGIC BATHROOM. Total lying POS. Very few people mention the mystery woman Babylon who by her sorceries ( Pharmakia translated from the greek ) were all the nations deceived.

I miss so much when you go down, I hate it but now your back up and it’s catch up time for me I love that.

I’m with you on pizza thing tonight.

I had actually thought along those lines myself,.....simply too many of these psy-op events mainly occur in April and May.....It’s an interesting theory.

Well now we are right fucked! Now he has his chance to come back as some Ebola-like shit. And, there is no way in Hell I am taking a Prince Philip vaccine.

I want to attend and see both end up as cell mates together, forever.