Your government love’s you and is here to help you, have no fear help is on the way as the new Creepy Commander and Chief has declared. Forget about the dark chapter in African-American history when blacks were used as slaves and guinea pigs in demonic experiments. The past is behind us and we are entering into a new era of hope and change ( we heard that from all Presidents pryor to Uncle Joe, and ironically that was a nickname they gave to the butcher Stalin ) so step right up to the plate ( pun intended ) and be a useful idiot puppet spokesman for a government that has nothing but love for you, and would never betray you. Thanks for your service Hank. No test’s were done on senior citizens to see if the vaccine would affect them adversely for good reason.

Actually, surgeons wear a specific mask during operations, not the bacteria pneumonia causing junk that the public wear..

Yes, Hank. This is what happens when you trust the media and the medical/pharmaceutical complex. You end up DEAD. RIP Hank. But you were never as good as Babe Ruth.

obviously not to your taste then lol, can’t please everybody!!!!

Zionist Jews obviously own and control everything

Zionist Jews run the world.

I shared this video with a guy who, I’ll just say for lack of a better term, works as a small time player in a news media role, and he completely blew it off and called me a Left Winger... Shows how deluded and intentionally ignorant people who work in media are.

So I guess when it comes to vaccines it is back to dying of ’old age and underlying conditions’.

Why didn’t you provide content? And you have a pagan name for our Messiah. How is that truth?

On a positive note - Hank will be allowed to vote for President again in four years. Life just does not get any better than that.

@Stacyskywatch - Prof Dolores Cahill also says something similar here.

Most people won’t believe they’ve been lied to, even if they have the evidence of the deception right in front of their eyes. "The eyes are useless when the mind is blind." ~Unknown

Thank you so much, Uncle Alice. Be blessed!

Clearly those are her outdoor shoes and mask, duh.

The "just get your damn vaccine" bitch, has got it coming.

It is portrayed as humor, but this is the way it works

Absolutely, spraying of aluminum, barium and strontium across the fields must continue. But restaurants and gyms should be kept closed. Good logic. Keep dancing nurses, we need you on TikTok. NOT!

Why is the site named 153 news? Is there a meaning behind the numbers?

Mocking the masses, and the dull masses can’t even see it... they just laugh. Dumb sheep