KYS do it

Even though I think the event was either completely staged or planned execution, imagine boot licking this hard. Honestly please off yourself. The man was handcuffed you brain dead idiot. How can you resist with handcuffs on? Please off yourself no one cares whether you kys or not after this stupid comment.

Floyd´s family could help bring an end to all this, but, should they even care?

Planned for weeks, more like months!

it’s great to see that that woman is thinking clearly and telling them what’s up while still keeping a fairly cool head.

Jude 1:4 “For there are certaine men crept in vnawares, who were before of olde ordained to this condemnation, vngodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciuiousnesse, and denying the onely Lord God, & our Lord Iesus Christ.” ---- Matthew 24:24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. KJV 1611 this is so obviously staged. false ’christians’ with false ’christs’ and a false ’gospel’.. attempting to deceive

All orchestrated with the consent of City Council planners and those they employ. Again Agenda 21/30/ Resilient Cities taking place while you slumber.

Pretty soon people that protect their lives and property with firearms will become criminals under UN regulations, like people who are trying to escape zombie hordes and run over some of them. Don’t become like Reginald Denny durring the LA Riots for anyone that has enough brain cells to remember.

Then you probably shouldn’t be here!

I know brother but they are gonna push this across the states. They are cookie cuttering the demise at the moment and it hurts. 26 states now have active national guard almost doubled since yesterday.

The truth community seems to be breached. Lol

Part 2 - So thats all it took. Make a video of a White cop killing a Black guy , have CNN and the rest of the Ministry Of Propaganda run wild with it 24/7 for a few days, sit back back and watch the riots begin, redirect all the sheeple from ending the lockdown to the rioting, use the riots to delay ending the lockdown , and then a week or so later tell the people that the riots caused a SPIKE and a SURGE in the corona, scare the shit out of everybody again and delay the lockdown even more. So F-ing easy to do. So easy to maniplulate Americans. Even sheep resist a little while being herded.

Jason, this shit is only going on in huge shithole cities. don’t get too excited, brother. seeing all these beast-men do what they do can raise anyones blood pressure

at list they placed them in front of a scaffolding this time


When I protest i don’t break stuff and i don’t steal things.

Part 1 - If one were to watch the murder video they might notice: The "cop" who was on his neck area had his hand in his pocket the entire time. He wasn’t putting that much pressure on Floyd the Victim and it wasn’t directly on his airway. His windpipe was not obsrtucted. The cop was a little skinny guy. the victim wasa big strong man. One would think even if handcuffed a person that strong would twist and turn a struggle and do anything possible to get air into their lungs. Big Floyd did not. The cop looked mostly unemotional the entire time andwas literally staring into a video camera the entire time. I find it unrealistic any cop would do that knowing he is being filmed. The other cops, surely they knew the man was being killed if he was actually being killed. I find it hard to believe all of them would stand there that long doing nothing knowing they were being filmed. Now the Ambulance: Why would police call for an ambulance for an uninjured man who they have pinned down? Clearly the ambulance was called before Floyd lost consciousness. Why would they do that. And the cop still stayed on top of him right up until the stretcher arrived. And then still didnt move. Wouldn’t any paramedic or EMT tell the cop to get off of him so they can try to revive him or at least check his status? Of course they would. They didn’t even try at all to revive him. I find that extremely unrealistic. Choking somebody to death especially a big strong guy is not easy even with 2 hands, handcuffed or not. It takes time. Try choking somebody of that size and strength to death with your knee while your hand is in your pocket. Stay tuned for part 2 of my latest comment.

Scriptural verses in the Bible indicate that the earth is fixed and immovable, and also that heaven is my throne and earth is my footstool. NASA is a hoax. For this cause I will send them great delusion that they should belive a lie.

Dont forget to thank a Veteran for his service as they smash your face. I will have to remember that when its my time!

Tell you what, dont go, dont have this issue. The Bible clearly states they will get what they want. Anyone blocking them will be put under. Sad and unfortunately true