In Romania we have this system since 2018, is not for just smart phones, is using Cell Broadcast message feature and any vendors in Romania are bound by law to sell phones that are compatible with this feature, which anyway modern phone have.

What’s the name of the pharmacy at the beginning and where is it? NY? I didn’t catch that.

There is no virus ..Malone is a virus Gatekeeper.

This Malone grub is a limited hangout and a virus gatekeeper. He is poo-pooing the vaccines which is lip service now that the shit has already been rolled out all over the world ..while still maintaining the lie that "viruses" exist. Find Dr. Tom Cowan and find out what a POS this Malone is.

Bunch of fucking idiots

remember how they started the scamdemic with "herd immunity" talk. which is telling their dogs that they’re animals on their farm? the pavlovian programming is serious. when the Bolsheviks took over Rus with a bloodbath that lasted 50+ years, they introduced a ’new’ form of propoganda. the lies that were being told to the people were NOT meant to deceive them, they were carefully crafted fables designed in such way so that all of their slaves knew that the terrorists were lying to them, yet those slaves would have to obey and pretend that they believe in those lies. or else gulag. and they ratted on each other too. how do you make a wild horse your beast of burden? it has to be "BROKEN" first. that means broken spirit. bolshevik style. beasts of burden for the Beast System.

i see 2 animatronics in the fore, and 2 wax figurines in the aft. where did you get this clip from?

great info and point of view on this man. the dividing of the 2 peoples of this world is continuing. "Come out of her, my people"


I know there are some seriously amazing masks out there. I’m 70 years old, and am a martial arts veteran (teacher) of almost 50 years. I know how humans move. I went down the rabbit hole on the internet 26 years ago. That is a ROBOT, not a woman in a mask.

I looked up the word bizarre in the dictionary and this film clip was there. It’s rough I tell ya.

Lol I just came for the comments after hearing that popcorn in the background

Old Annie knew way too much. She was a loose cannon of sorts. Obviously she was in insider, being Ellen Degenerate’s girl friend. It’s one thing to know about Chemtrails, But, Exposing Human Trafficking will get you killed every time.

Truth (wrapped in lies) in the movies... lies in the news and the textbooks (Rv)

Probably just got his booster....

I remember watching clips from Eyes Wide Shut, and wondered how Nicole Kidman could just hand her child over to 2 strange men and it’s was never explained and the audience never heard nothing more of it, and before the film was released it was apparent that there was an argument between Stanly Kubrick and the movie executives about disagreements on the contents of that movie, and apparently they won as he died before the release of the movie. Did the way he wanted the movie to be shown have elements of child trafficking in it?

Same thing happened to Kate Spade.

Looks like they are wearing a mask. Probably not his wife but someone paid to go around with him and appear to be her. It did look robot like but that is probably due to the lifeless mask effect.

Problem -Reaction- Solution as of today where they spray shit on us, people get sick and turn to the Big Pharma toxic solutions. Many await a greatly increased chance of disease and death.

Whats fucked up is people see she was alive and just filmed it like sheep! Were is the investigation? No law in this corporation