I’ll guarantee that she was getting tested regularly and that is where she contracted some disease. I’ve been saying the tests were the key from the beginning. Of coarse her been overweight was an important factor but I believe her illness came from a test swab.


He’s laying down and still has a visible beer belly. Too much time at those gay bars I guess. Not sexy

That same thought came to my mind! "zionist’.

So many photos with different Zion National Park shirts on. Real tourists don’t normally purchase that many souvenirs from just one tourist destination. Unless maybe you’re a Zionist..

The waves may symbolize La Palma and what is coming.

She is the little girl in i pet goat.

Releasing body cam footage before any court dates is not normal

I wonder if Gabby Petito is related to Don Petit?

I read the da Vinci code too lol

We get it.

Those could be Blackrock mercenaries doing the dirty job to secure Halliburton/Chinese investments in Australia’s resources. People be damned. Same as the French are doing in Sahel Africa or Brits in Rhodes’ Africa.

Cheers brother!


So very true!

You sound jealous.

no matter what it looks IS 1% vs. 99%

I would say that the mysterious police are Israeli not Chinese. They are using the same type of criminal physical attacks they have been using on Palestinians for many years. I also suspect that they are training the Australian police on those procedures to suppress protests.

He’s a dead man walking. He’s now on Remdesivir, the beginning of the CDC Kill protocol. His lung will fill with fluid and they’ll put him on a vent and blow his lungs up and kill him. Hate to say it, but he deserves what he gets after his class room behavior.