She is not aging well. Yikes. Few more years and she be giving some good ol GJ instead of BJs. Gonna be Gummin on them rods while she begins to identify as a Jerry’s kid.

With latex Masks it is possible .

AMEN !!!

I agree with your take on obesity, health and exercise. I kept myself in good condition until about age 47 or so (lots of regular running, biking, weight lifting, TRX, outdoor work, some yoga, a little capoeira and time on the muy tai bag. Then I started slacking off and spent the next 5 years not exercising enough and drinking too much. Carrying extra weight is actually very noticeable when you’re not accustomed to it and it is exhausting, and poisoning myself with alcohol, while a temporary relief, carries a heavy debt.

Maybe even gaining weight over time. Mostly a joke, but maybe not completely. Look at the skeletons of the biggest apparent land dinosaurs. Under current gravity, mathematically the largest dinosaurs should not have been able to support their own weight or lift their heads. Some have said the atmosphere was denser and more buoyant, but then that would make it less likely that the also fossilized giant dragonflies could fl without breaking their cellophane wings. Lower gravity in the past makes more sense. How could that be? I don’t know, but I find it interesting and we still don’t fully understand the physics of gravity, other just observing it - it’s not actually the same everywhere and independent measurements always show it to be slightly different over place and time.

They’re shite

Oh, but it’s rare (eye roll)

Gregory looks like he has other issues

Mark of the Beast Celebration Event

I can’t believe these people. They get what they deserve. Its not funny. If be pissed raising hell. A few days ago. Interesting when some people say it doesn’t stick maybe that’s when its had time to travel. I found that video I was looking for on that young nurse guy with glasses 9 min video talking the truth what covid is I can put link.

Yuck yuck yuck, Im sooooo proud.

You to brotherman. Much love. Super glad to see you here!

Purple butterfly at that end... MK Ultra from the Elites.

The first one now will later be last - Bob Dylan.

The common theme is the autistic child, it seems.

wicked. LOL

I wouldn’t say I’m feeling bad about this moron. That was his own choice.

Yay!!!! I might die!

The global warming / climate crisis maniacs follow the sciencetific media so they would dismiss this by probably saying "she’s not science" :::)

The depopulation agenda... It’s all the rage!