Daniel Andrews is married to a man.

The people who forced this man to wear a mask are responsible for his death

God is in charge and is using the government to punish westerners just like he used Babylon Rome Assyria etc to punish the jews

I work in memory care 3 of 8 people in their upper 80s to 90 ish tested positive zero symptoms.

I put the laughter in the video not to laugh at the mans death but to laugh at the claim that the masks prevent deaths

I do not like obama too.

yep its a scam

good on you mate I’m in Melbourne too .I’ve been looking for your channel for a year or so love it

Old people are dying of old age. There is no virus. They purposefully called it a mark and not mask in that article.

The average age of a fake covid death is 82, and 95% of them died from pre-existing fatal diseases, and 80% of them in nursing homes. Old people are dying of old age and they are using this to enslave humanity.

It certainly was a Fauci Fraud. But I’ll bet not his first. He is a scum crypto-jew, pretending to be White. Thus, the duped population think he is another evil White man, thus Whites are the villains of Earth. But the truth is: not Whites. Jews. _ As for the video, though good, it is LONG. I only needed the documentation of the role of Fauci, and the wisdom of Kary Mullis and Peter Duesberg to shoot down Fauci and whole jew HIV fraud. That is why I featured them in my own video. From HIV to Covid-19, there have been a lot of other criminal medical hoaxes in between. Sadly, most people will fall for the NEXT one, too.

The councilwoman should be charged with the same charges she’s trying to get put on other people. How dare anyone ever threaten to charge me with a serious crime for breathing fresh air. This has gotten insane.

don’t listen to the haters. Excellent video once again. It’s funny how the people that organized this hoax keep coming out with new footage just further proves our point that it was a hoax. lm@o.

Robot is the word for slave. just wait A.I. will wake then humans will see themselves. Hi ya Chubby

Excellent expose of the criminal hypocrisy of this whole scamdemic. But if we put this video in the face of, say, the crypto-jew governor Whitmer of Michigan, what would she do? She would NOT free-up churches but would, instead, put more limitations on Walmart. Get a taste of the way we can and must fix this:

You find this funny? You discredit any sort of legitimacy regarding these ideas with this corny nonsense. It’s not even remotely funny, the fact you think it is implies a lot

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I’d rather be lied to by a real girl than a disingenuous boy pretending to be a girl like greta

She’s a real girl unlike greta-boy

Thx you Jeff!! Keep crushing it!! Tacos and kisses for Lucy!! Earth is flat