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So glad your eyesight is good again!

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This is real pain. My heart breaks for the brother and Mom, even though I wish she had not done this there are people that just trust the medical "professionals" sad sad time. We will see more and more of this.

I was aware of this. They don’t need under cover detectives in parking lots. The dispensary can scan people’s driver’s licenses/State Id so that customer information will enter a database that way. Each dispensary also has security cameras and additional cameras to record people who make purchases. It is odd that States allow businesses to sell pot and cities/counties can collect tax revenue, yet the end user and customers are the ones that will be targeted as criminals. I like your Jim Carey style "Allrightee then" intro....

So this is the patent for one test. There are many different companies that have manufactured the tests. I’m wondering if they all have a separate patent or have to pay license fees to the owner of this patent and they can then produce and put their brand name on the packaging. Also you can call your service provider and not get any answers as to why you are experiencing connection problems. I have only two service providers in my county area, and no doubt they are compromised, probably save everything their customers look at and download.

Paul Harvey Aurandt was apart of the fraternity. He was well informed and new where America was headed.

Yes I understand what you mean. Sometimes it’s hard to choose the word to say because we have learned to use them incorrectly. Then again, were I to say hoax the inference would be that it didn’t occur at all which then would cause people to dismiss you if you call everything a hoax. False flag doesn’t have to be physical, it can be something made to look like something else while framing someone or a group of people for political advantage.rn

I have tried to remind myself and other that these are not “Jews” per se. They are Zionists that in all likelihood consist of a minority of useful idiot “Luciferian” occultists and rational (but psychopathic) atheists who use any and all means and any and all people to achieve their goals of total dominance and control. I’ve come to conclude that the top operators are greedy megalomaniacs who believe that their power is secured by their absolute formlessness. They do not believe anything. They are not satanists. They are not Luciferian. They are not Jewish. They are not Christian. They are not white, black, Indian or Asian. They are nothing. They remain formless and identity-less because power and control is their only religion and that is best served as a faceless, nameless, formless influence that cannot be pinned down to an individual with a belief and a purpose. But … they are making it very difficult with all of this bullshit antisemitism rhetoric. The mere mention of the fabled “antisemitism” today is an incredibly insidious weapon. A weapon yielded professionally by non-Jewish, atheist, “Zionist” (another fake allegiance) control freaks.

How does she know she has omicron? Since there is no test for Covid or any of the variants, how does she know? Bitch probably has bronchitis like she had numerous times in her life:

Good observation. This one does look like a hoax and not a false flag.

Agree 100%

Apparently, the smarter that document in the frame on the wall "says" you are, is the exact opposite of actual intelligence.

Of course, he does, he gets sent a list of all the variants that are on their way, didn’t you know that? They know in advance, they are psychic and quite accurate, they can predict the next variants with ease since they make them up, You must laugh while you keep an eye on these psychopaths. They can turn out to be extremely dangerous if we’re not careful.

I get email Alerts

I would also ask your feelings about Sandy Hook....was that a ff or real?

See what you think:rnhttpscolon//

While I have good friends that are Jewish, there is no disputing the fact that the Jew "Supremacists" are vile creatures. The one who are my friends are normal people, NOT the filthy Supremacists. They had mu back when many of my gentile friends didn’t. As always, each individual has to be judged for what they do.

Brother, please call them hoaxes. They are different than :False Flags. False flags are actual attacks. Nobody is hurt in hoaxes, like this one or the Pittsburgh Jew Hoax.