Probably paid her off with McDonalds vouchers.

said this from the beginning, one big medical scam that the elite tribe will parlay into any draconian fiction they choose.... sadly, it’s working, the masks are out in full force.

Sorry, my bad about the spelling of her name. The rest of my comment was okay.

It looks like one victim, formerly considered beheaded, actually retained his head and was merely hacked to death. But the situation is still developing...

You tell the truth and they can not stand it ! Good Job Prophet !!!

With the current medical model, it’s all about cash flow, out from the public purse straight into the multinationals accounts.The world has been duped by this fake industry for the last 100 years. In their hands your life is doomed.

Money money money its a Rich mans scamdemic !

Ah yes, taking us back to the "good’ ol days"!

its empty now, but when the vaccine is available, the sheep will line up in the shoot to get the cure. maybe even be branded.

Stud! .

youtube is history

oh its peekays good hes covering this beheading hoax.

The government is not trying to eradicate a virus. They are trying to eradicate us.

Have wondered that myself, at least how he is able to stay above the fray when virtually anyone with an important message not covered by the MSM has been taken down. I still listen to his stuff but I am wary if he may throw his viewers under the bus at some future time as Alex Jones has.

There is a purple trend. And the jew is behind it.

It is super naive to think that Swedish government decided on their own to run a different circus . Later on we will find out why.

This buffoon circus is bizarre and at he audience deserves nothing more just injection and coffins.

Thanks for helping to expose the corona scam

People think wearing a mask and taking a vaccine will make them immortal.

More and more brainless shit videos on this platform