I see Irene Zisblatt’s hair is still growing back. They must have given her one hell of a haircut.

Trolls always mean you are hitting the truth on the head....keep it up.

I think she wore it to pull on heartstrings. I don’t believe she is Christian based on her “explicit” song choices. She was just doing her dirty deeds to get what she wants to go.

Thank you! Unfortunately I won’t have much time to create another video with the holiday week coming up, but I found way more shills tied to those 3 industries! I just had to keep this one short due to time constraints, but I have found several more that I didn’t have time to cover.

Yep! Nothing new under the sun


Thanks! Same here! I was glad you had done work on this hoax too

I think he’s blocked now, but I hope he can still watch our videos and see the videos of truth

I thought the same thing! Definitely a baby

That is what I saw LOL

It would make sense to use people that didn’t go to the school as "victims".

Thanks for posting, Mr. Dubays voice is soothing and gives me hope for the future of humanity.....the world is completely insane, we need to make amends for the great evil we helped win WW2 and for all the German girls we raped

Exactly AND the parasites want us to believe in their made up religions.

Eric Dubay is a smart guy, especially since he knows all these outer space lies are bolshevik propaganda...and when you consider that nuclear weapons are also fake, then you realize mankind hasn’t made any significant technological advances since 1945.....(the Germans warned we would plunge into a dark age if the Bolsheviks won the war)

Cops kid can’t even get his own glass of water......

Eric Dubay aka Andrea Casiraghi

Change that alarm battery out 1:43 .

This capture of this crisis actor is superb mockery, the add in of the film clip is perfect.

Always the connections, ALWAYS! Its never organic or real.