Thanks, Josh

Nice joe, thank for upload, f them all, pure lies.

I don’t believe that 800 million settlement, I want to see receipts....they can say anything they want, all the actors are on their payroll, that’s what people don’t friend says the settlement proves there are victims (even though he hasn’t seen a single dollar of that settlement all he saw was a stupid news story)

It’s all a mockery. Our ruling demons knowing about good and evil walk among the oblivious sheep, falling for their lies.

Alberto Rivera is the highest whistleblower I’ve listened to. But given what people have to deal with on their plate, if ever a most credible whistleblower was ever to be considered, it would have to be Ted L. Gunderson. Everyone fighting this madness is important, and it doesn’t matter how little you know or how little you have contributed to doing what’s right. People do not want to be enslaved and destroyed, and now we are dealing with humanity being destroyed.

Er edit: Would NOT suggest him to....

IMO its not so much the rise of AS as it is becoming aware of what some who claim "semite" are doing FOR REAL. Then to associate what they are doing as Gods will etc. If this was another "tribe" of people from outta grand banks kentucky acting this way with the blatant destruction of all they touch, we would be anti "that set" of folks. So to be far... Lets point to those who are the problem and will be so right up until the change on them comes ie:hearts written to. Exposure its the best medicine for this disease of the synagog for now. But lets not make it a catch all.. if that makes sense. Adam has no love left in him and has become beyond hardened. When the understanding of all things comes later, he will be lost to it because of this. Appreciate the mrr. I still follow AG.KMN for some things he find from time to time but would suggest him to someone who does not have a larger underatnding of the world we live in and its ruler/ruler(s). Cheers

This is YT new imitative. Just this kind of thing. Been saying for decade or more.. its about the childrens minds being formed on nonsense.

To the point.. 5 year old shaking head.. saying ..yup. .. Got it.. understand..

BTW, need a mop below.. I stepped on a troll. Sorry !

Strawmam statements again with this nonsense!! 95% of your comment has zero to do with video but only to distract and tear down Christ. Since your agenda slip is showing.. just go ahead and out yourself.. state your purpose.. Its sure not to help anyone. Atleast give an effort... this type of comment is 2 syllables short of a bot comma comma comma .. its old man...

He was on the roof! This guy same as the set in florida. Same team.. Same bosses.. same style events..--> back to this video.. I think we all read the headline wrong.. it really read "guy blows himself in truck" so back to weiner pictures! -- Cheers

Again with the igan.. lol.. Let the pimple heal.. pulllease!!! Brought bodies into a real event he means? Er.. or.. wait.. whaaaa.. phfft.. moron shilski!

The Roman Catholic zucchetti actually predates the “Jewish” yarmulke.

Would be proud to have PK be officer of the law. Never met but spoke a few times and he seems like honest man. videos prove this.. So whats the problem other than its a lie? Well its igan getting noticed.. again.. Just ignore it like the pimple on ya ass. it WILLLL go away =) Cheers PK...

Most deserving of it for denero <SP> this man sold out as well as the entire dias there. Used to enjoy it when was in a different mind set.. Now.. All I see is bs.

Thanks, I appreciate you.

Oh FFS.. whos this grumpy ol codger? Seems familar but looks like had a hard life. Skin and face look aged.. wonder what he did to deserve this? Maybe his employer for last few years will fix it. SMH! If he didnt know before what he was, he certainly does not care now! "L" t/y for CFU mrr

I thought he was in his safe space popping his pimples..

Hogg was 25 in High School ! Hogg is 27 Years old now ! Not 20 ! Hogg is a total Fraud !