Thanks for your interest in establishing an uploader account at  As you can see we are very niche with who and what we allow posted here. We do have long time Truthers that put up both old and new mirrored videos. We want content creators here.

If you would like to upload to 153 news, please email with your youtube channel name or some examples of your current work, and why you would like to be a content provider here. The biggest criteria is you can't be dis-info and your content must match our news format.  We are very strict when we give upload access, because we are a small platform with a niche. Videos that don't get banned on YT can be on YT. We pay for bandwidth here.

1) First. Send a link to your videos on another platform.
2) If your content fits this platform - you can get a temporary upload access.
3) Don't mass upload - people must have time to watch. If it is short videos you can upload 2-3 on one day. We don’t want long livestreams (if it's not a very important video).'