ChristChurch NZ -Drill Meeting Found -Actors & New Shoe GOD -Joorasic MEH- You Decide & Comment -

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Check out Adidas new line for Game of Thrones.
Release date was such a coinky dance!
Keep eye out for new shoe god perhaps

** > this video here
** -24 mark.. girl with pentagram and Adidas clothing line.

*The man on podium will surely return somewhere.
Like to find him when have time.

Comments most welcome. Have a great week and smile! ;)
Cheers to Joorasic! :) DRILLS AND SHILLS!!!

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☝️✞☝️As Always.. God Bless and Keep you safe/aware! ☝️✞☝️

All Videos 720. View as such if able in Full screen.


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