NZ -Nonsense- Hahahaha Pick at it till it bleeds!

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Christchurch CCTV shows late father and son making narrow escape from NZ gunman ITV News -Mrr
Anon comment posted this! Thank you. Damage control is ONLY going to make it worse!
This is utter BS.. Gun sounds, Timing, Horn, etc etc.. All BS staged! Would assume days before while the ground was still wet from rain.

For a complete picture of my findings over last weeks see these other short videos:

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👍 *NZ -Nonsense- Hahahaha Pick at it till it bleeds! 👍

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☝️✞☝️As Always.. God Bless and Keep you safe/aware! ☝️✞☝️

All Videos 720. View as such if able in Full screen.


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