ChristChurch NZ Hoax -NEW Findings- Directors- Actors - FINAL NONSENSE!

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I sure hope not to learn more. LOL-
Puuulease comment if you can help on:

💯 1:The VAN plates
💯 2:The guy in RED
💯 3:Thoughts on the Adidas plague!

For a complete picture of my findings over last weeks see these other short videos:

👍*New Zealand Trolls & The CGI SHT Show 720👍

👍*New Zealand - NEW Evidence - Who got AWAY from ChristChurch👍

👍*New Zealand - Squibs- Blanks - Moving Corpses & HorseSHT👍

👍 *New Zealand - Survivors? - Much MEH for all!👍

👍 *ChristChurch NZ -Drill Meeting Found -Actors & New Shoe GOD👍

👍 *NZ -Nonsense- Hahahaha Pick at it till it bleeds! 👍

👍 *Magically disappearing cartridges in NEW ZEALAND Hoax 👍

☝️✞☝️As Always.. God Bless and Keep you safe/aware! ☝️✞☝️

All Videos 720. View as such if able in Full screen.

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