AI -Are We There Yet Dad? - Nonsense UPDATED 💯 720p

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Real Time Fakery. The Agenda and Script.. moves forward!
Almost there and would assume its done already!
We have seen the pieces separately and soon if not already we will see the finished product!

People are going to be replaced when deemed "unfit/lazy or not as productive.
Be warned now.. its happening all over the earth NOW/Today!

Kids are the real problem here under this deceit. they trust their senses!
This BS is by design, made to fool/trick our senses.

A liar is tops on the list of sht heads.. but a Liar who uses fraud along with
their lies.. is the worst.

**From Nasa, World Governments, media and so on..
the world is becoming the lie to fit the script.

The Father of Lies will win this battle but..
We will win the war by exposing this nonsense!
]☠ ☢
Stay tuned! Please see my other videos on this subject.

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This they can do for FUN >>>>>>>>> <<<<<<<<


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