Do You Trust This Computer- A Look at Technology and us. - HDWebRip

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Ripped from . There is a section around 6 mins with silence. IDK why
Interesting docu. Shared with no comment other than, take whats real from it and use discernment as viewing it/
As I continue to stress, fake in the new reality.
This is how its going to be done.
We already see it in every Government org from MSM to nasa to social media.
Dont be fooled or let them continue to fool you with Fake news, media , "space" projects or even talking heads on the screens. Ai/Bots are beginning to rule information and its sources.
Computers via cern, dwave and similar techs, are there for a reason. One reason. To deceive.
Once you see this, next question is why.. Its a battle for our minds. Download and save this for future reference.
Share if you wish. Peace


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