CGI - From 911 to Present - BIRDS & More -Please View Entire Video-

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My originally was over 1.5 hours long but I had to remove 3/4 of it as my POS computer wont handle that much. lol.. so heres the trimmed version for 153!
Please watch the entire thingy. New technology for you to be pissed off about!
Someone lend me a good PC! :)
Birds. Always a give away with CGI.

It wont be much longer and we will have ALL our God given senses being fooled.
Make no mistake about it, the great deception is under way!

Share what you know with those who will listen and walk away from those who wont.
Time for games of the mind and soul are over.

Exposing this nonsense is the best tool we have, God willing we can help some!

Much thanks to others for the clips.
Much Grace and Blessings to you and thank you for watching.
Share where you can!



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