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Double EE Ranch Road.
THE WACO WACKO part 2. February 28 April 19, 1993.

The Official Story.
The Waco siege was the siege of a compound belonging to the Branch Davidians, carried out by American federal and Texas state law enforcement, as well as the U.S. military, between February 28 and April 19, 1993. The Branch Davidians were led by David Koresh and were headquartered at Mount Carmel Center ranch in the community of Axtell, Texas, 13 miles (21 kilometers) east-northeast of Waco.
The Mount Carmel Center engulfed in flames on April 19, 1993.

Upon the ATF's failure to raid the compound, a siege lasting 51 days was initiated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Eventually, the FBI launched an assault and initiated a tear gas attack in an attempt to force the Branch Davidians out of the ranch. During the attack, a fire engulfed Mount Carmel Center. In total, 76 people died, including David Koresh.

Only 3 months later. Vincent Walker "Vince" Foster Jr. (January 15, 1945 July 20, 1993) was a Deputy White House Counsel during the first 6 months of President Bill Clinton's administration.
July 20, 1993: Vince Foster was found dead in Fort Marcy Park, a federal park in Virginia.

Bill Clinton served as the 42nd President of the United States from 1993 to 2001.


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