Fake Mass Shooting -The Lewiston Maine Strong Hoax - Part 1

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0 - 4:42 Strong Cities / Red Flags of a Hoax intro
4:43 Lewiston presentation begins.
Hey look I was mentioned in this news article. They are really trying to discredit people that blow apart their fake events. Attempting to associate researchers who do honest work with the Q-anon psyop - I’ll take this shill on any day.
The Strong Cities Network Timeline:
The Strong Cities Initiative Network:
Jews & Gun Control:

My group on gab Fake Mass Shootings & Hoaxes.
Good Articles on The Strong Cities Network From 2015. Both provide valuable information to understand the connections to The Tri-Lateral Commission, ISD, The Bilderberg group,The Council on Foreign Relations, Police/Military and the Rothschilds ✡️. This is a system that is taking over "Communities" hoax by hoax. The "Strong" Cities Initiative works hand in hand with the "Smart" Cities agenda. The "Strong" sponsored hoaxes are laying down the psychological manipulation to collectivize the targeted towns/counties. Through these mock occult rituals they can simulate a traumatic event that will draw in and establish a "Community" that will petition for any proposed policies to keep them "Safe". Jews are using the backdoor to take down America as well, this is how you implement a transformative agenda - one hoax at a time.
This is important material to go over, this is one of the hands involved with The "Strong" Cities Initiative and the "Smart" Cities agenda.
The Institute For Strategic Dialogue (ISD): ✡️
"An anti-conspiracy theories ‘think tank’ was the London-based ‘think and do tank’ (started in 2006) called the INSTITUTE FOR STRATEGIC DIALOGUE (ISD), which pioneered research into violent extremism and inter-communal conflict. ISD was at the forefront of forging real-world, evidence-based responses to the challenges of integration, extremism and terrorism..."
"ISD’s founder and president was a prominent Jewish Zionist: GEORGE WEIDENFELD (Baron Weidenfeld), who had served in the inaugural Israeli government and married into the MARKS AND SPENCER retail clan when he married a daughter of another prominent Jewish Zionist: ISRAEL SIEFF. Weidenfeld worked for the BBC during WWII".
A Very Important Document to Read: The FEMA & DHS’s Exercise and Evaluation Program HSEEP (2020 Revision - PDF Download). This is the framework used for Fake Shootings and Hoaxes.
Endless drills create endless opportunities to psyop you. ✡️
Check out these foundations, they also help bankroll these hoaxes.
Videos on the "Strong" Cities Initiative Network - the framework used for Fake Mass Shootings and Hoaxes.


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