OY VEY: History Repeating! Trump goes Syria again and IRAN (today) Who does he serve?

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I will instigate a monthly quota of 1 mirror from YouTube effective immediately. With trump going Syria last month and Iran today I couldn't resist sharing this Humor item. It makes a great webm too. Remember this was first published in 04/2017 before the more recent Syria shoots itself in the foot with chemical weapons they don't have Iraq style false-flag counter-attack.

Published on Apr 10, 2017
When the Goyim does your bidding

My /Goyim taskforce/ inspiration to share:
TheFewZionistExposers - Today at 1:20 PM
Lol trump continuing his Zionist actions by framing Iran.

8CHAN: DON'T LET OUR EFFORTS FAIL (against Zionist Warmongers trying to bomb Syria again last month)

Trump withdraws
from Iran nuclear
deal, isolating him
further from world
49 mins ago
First article I click on has a big photo of Bi Bi praising trump.... Why am I not surprised?

Don't say you weren't warned. And if you really want to know more about Trump's pedo fan club:

Those who exposed Obama's safe school Tsar in Child Anal FISTGATE banned from CPAC.

Wakey wakey people. is exposing the Trump Q-Tards on 153news - check him out.
Youtube banned hate speech:
/POL/ Qanon is Zionist poison EXPOSING QAnon fraud:
Not yet encoded on The Q Anon spectacle revisited - Final thoughts! :
ASIO spying on Australia for Mossad - Activist News

And my video exposing gay pedophile links to Mossad Operation Hammerhead aka the Sydney 2014 Lindt Seige aka #IllRideWithYou hoax that even Jew Ben Shapiro attacked: Censored from Youtube for hate speech against pedophiles. I wans't inclusive of Youtube's desire I respect and love all members, even public figures charged for child abuse by the QLD Police service.
(Author of #IllRideWithYou Gay Dad Pedophile and Lesbian Greens MP)

Respect to a fellow Australian political refugee of sorts
"#Syria is under attack. It doesn't matter if it's once a day or once a month. Wake up people, the US and #Israel are on the side of #AlQaeda and #ISIS. Clearly, no one can stop them but you the people ."
SyrianGirl: She's a political refugee in Australia - Me: I'm a Political Refugee FROM Australia.


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