The Mystical Number 6,000,000 Occultism - Jewish Gematria

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Jewish Gematria - The Mystical Number 6,000,000
- today I wanted to talk about the number 6 million and its relevance to Jewish Gematria and talmudic mysticism. A very well known, if not iconic mythical belief surrounding The Jewish Holocaust, Is that Hitler and the Nazis carried out the systematic murder of 6 millions Jews, via a gassing operation and exposed of through a burning and cremation process. Whether you choose to believe this or not is beside the point, the focus today is deciphering the esoteric components of this event in hopes of understanding why the number 6 million and the holocaust are so important to the Jews. So today I wont be going over scientific proofs for or against the holocaust, but the spiritual motivations behind the number 6 million and the holocaust.


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