2014 Lindt Seige Mossad staged? #IllRideWithYou Islamaphobia hoax by gay dads foster son rapists!

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Disclaimer: This a presentation from the researcher. If you care about stopping future Mossad chaos-agents spilling blood on Australian soil, PLEASE make your own better presentation of the material contained herein or find someone who can!
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Expect to see (((Disney))) Pixar Australia's BBBS Man-Boy-Love Cam Dating Site exposed: (not a typo)
& the @nodiscrim @NCATNSW Jewish Pedo Judge Rampage: + Australiia's newest Gay Jew Judge Chris Pooplick AM Muslim Gang Rape Gate
Exclusive LGBTI Hardcore Pedo Hunting & Previously Content coming soon to:

See Previous Jim Fetzer Interviews for introduction to Garry Burns, The OTO Pedo cult High Court case (we won) and the NSW Police Islamophobia Hotline shutdown with it's boss going to jail for being a Muslim drug dealer

Links referred to in the broadcast:

What's this this little gem? (Catherine Burns in Mossad Terrorism Conference)

What is the Lindt Siege? Occultist ( linked to funderal of Gay victim of Lindt Siege
What was #IllRideWithYou?
Proof VIP pedos @TwoDadsAndMe aka @RipN_roll_gus aka Michael O'Brien aka Michael James & Donald Anthony Gillespie aka Anthony Gillespie Launched #IllRideWithYou
Man Monis was a wind up toy discussion: (it plays on some browers - no conspiracy for this one)
(Plus backup of his Censored Website - Ask ME!)
The proven fact that VIP LGBTI pedophiles @TwoDadsAndMe launched illridewithyou: (see 1st version too)
Must See VGB WWS AP #3 Special on @TwoDadsAndMe pedos: (see description - predicted they - aka @RipN_Roll_Guys were pedophiles before arrest - my dad accused of crime of linking to this video: )
Proves how VIP they are and how they renamed account from RipNRoll_guys to MichaelJames_TV
Enter operation Hammerhead:
Full Sources List here - including Sparkles The Pony scandal that made Garry Burns Australia's greatest Gay Activist a case-law confirmed pedophile! FULL SOURCES:


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