3 More Parkland Actorvists

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Another Anti-Gun Parkland Propaganda Video, and Whole New Set of ActorVists to Expose! Go back thru all of my Parkland Kid videos and you will see that ALL of the kids are either:
- Actor/Entertainer
- Media Hack/Writer
- AstroTurf Protester/Fed Connected Shill
We don't see normal HS kids, like the school jock, head cheerleader, Art Geek, or Outcast! Nope! We see a set of handpicked kids that come from one of those 3 backgrounds, and what are the odds of that!?! It's so impossible that I couldn't come up with a good theoretical probability for that! It's like winning the powereball every week for the rest of your life! If you know that's impossible unless it's rigged, then you know this is totally rigged too. I have enough evidence to show these kids were moved into the area about 2 yrs prior, and most are leaving now. Sound familiar Sandy Hook researchers!?! When I'm done exposing these liars, then I'll move forward on exposing the shills that moved into the area within the 2 yrs prior to this event. Proving they have these events planned out YEARS in advance! It doesn't matter who is in office, cause it obviously doesn't detour their plans!


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