FALSE FLAG FRI - Alex Jones Parkland and Uvalde HOAXERS SAME TIME!?

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so my video wasn’t intended to show what the title happened while recording:
I start off with mainstream entertainment coincidental "news" leading to now "news" on the JEW Ezra Miller, guns, body armor, more claims right after what by Warner bros and DC comics?!

I then show herpes, finding out in real time there’s a false Monkeypox hoax image via BBC stating "15ft airborne" lies which was sent to me yesterday........hmmm

I then show how Ezra Miller, JEW and guns, I saw parkland Jewish school shooting hoax staged a trial????? visiting the school site jury?????? then I saw Alex Jones in the news clip??? Alex Jones same day court guilty of sandy hook hoax millions of dollars awarding to parents of the sandy hoax???? again....Jews
and....same timing Uvalde media suing over police info?????????

wow wow wow!!!! eyes open everyone!!! peace


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