Italy - fined on their wedding day because of Covid19 regulations

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... which are all illegal.
Now let’s face the fact, as history shows, that the ’inner circle’ couldn’t have killed 6 million jews without the consent of the order-followers. And, in fact, at the Nuremberg trials the ’i was just following orders’ excuse didn’t save those order-followers from the rope.

So here’s the situation: they plan the mandatory vaccines in september (which is also illegal). In the meanwhile the people and the economy must be pressed so hard as to BEG to be vaccinated or to have any sort of measure applied to them in order to feel safe.

So here’s the problem: by DEFINITION anyone who cares more about his life than about the quality of his life is a SLAVE.

And that’s what the NWO wants us all to be.

So legally here’s the point: when an order is illegal, the order-follower is not compelled to execute it or enforce it.
We must fight using the law for as long as we have one and keep fighting when laws don’t exist anymore because they are made by the NWO for the NWO and not for the people.

Need an inspiration? Need an example? Google for GANDHI.


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