TexasVet censored interview 99 coverup of Catholic boy abuse to help gay marriage vote

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@TexasVet just deleted his episode 99 to join cover up of Catholic school boy (Kyron Reid) child rapes by Australian gay marriage activists and ABC tv contributor Michael O’brien and Jewish partner Donald Anthony Gillespie just before the gay marriage plebiscite in Australia. That’s right your government decided "gay marriage" is inclusive of state sponsored child rape of Catholic boys, because we can’t have the truth coming out before the vote. Police withheld forensic evidence from the jury for gay pride, but the evidence withheld came out later in QCAT 2021 54 when the pedo lost his nursing license. Never fear the content censored by Texas grifter is rehosted at @deepstatepedohunters ... Now to write my FOIs to mess with the ADL in America and advertise to all in the manifesto TexasVet is a Zionist agent who literally works with the deepstate to cover up child abuse. Hear @TexasVet celebrate joining the coverup squad of Catholic boy child rapes under Jewish activists’ peer group pressure.
Be sure to see the video exposing the mossad links to Michael O’Brien and Anthony Gillespie from 2016 that outed Catherine Burns as 7 years before the MSM confirmed my findings (NOV 2021). - everything accurate except it wasn’t their now confirmed gay "son" they raped - they used their son as bait to get other victims to rape.


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