Sutherland Springs Payout

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Well, the Sutherland Spring lottery keeps getting bigger! Wasn’t enough to get a HUGE new church that the Satan worshipping preacher couldn’t fill halfway prior to the hoax. Their golf course property wasn’t enough either. Now they are getting a huge lottery windfall thru the DOJ. Why the DOJ? Why not the military, if it was the fault of the military not reporting the past of their alleged patsy? It wasn’t enough to destroy the lives of people asking important questions. They also received a 48-hour church makeover that miraculously cleaned up all of the bio-hazardous blood and lead that WOULD have pelted every wall and fixture (but not a single window pane). It’s not enough that they received millions from the Massacre Relief Fund. Now they get this huge windfall of millions from every taxpayer. The people that believe this event is legit always will ask "WHY WOULD THEY PARTICIPATE"??? Well, this is your answer! They don’t even need to buy life insurance to later prove their insured died.


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