Colorado Springs Q Club Fake Mass Shooting

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What a sad circus, appropriate pronouns to label their crisis actors.
Colorado Springs Fake Mass Shooting at the Q Club. The "Shooting" took place at 11:56, Police response was in 3 minutes and the suspect detained in 2 minutes. He was detained at 12:02 am. 25 ’injured’ and 5 ’killed’ within this time frame.
Constant references to the Pulse Nightclub Fake Shooting in 2016 - this is a replay of that hoax.
39 officers responded from 4 separate districts, this was a staged exercise.
Immediate press conference.
Multiple Go-Fund-Me accounts, charities and "Strong" merchandise established and promoted within 24 hours of event.
The incessant chanting of the psychological buzzwords "Community" & "Resiliency"
Red Flag laws and gun control laws being pushed.
Psychological profiling and increased security being pushed.
The "hate crime" and "violent extremism" narratives are in play.
The push for more Gay/Trans rights under the guise of "needed protection"
I will be posting more on this as it develops.


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