The Vaccinated People Are the Problem

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I wanted to do this because I have 2 family members that were quackcinated, and even put their toddler in the trial!!! Anyways, the husband’s parents tried their best to wake them up, but sadly the wife drinks up everything on the Fake News. Well, guess who came down with Covid!?! The Wife, only because the husband was out of town. I’m sure you know someone that tested positive after the quackcine. She claims that she was around someone with Covid, as to why she tested positive. Well, clearly the vaccines don’t protect you from Covid, so why did you get the poison!!!??? The idiot that she was around probably had the quackcine too, because she only surrounds herself with quackcinated.
I’m just pissed off that they were stupid enough to put their baby in that trial because clearly they were uneducated about this experimental cell altering poison, and the fake news that pushed the fear and propaganda into their heads! All vaccines have the potential to kill or harm, and these idiots sacrificed their baby for big pharma. BTW, she is pregnant, and she thought she lost that baby. Who knows if this pregnancy will go to full term, or if the baby has heart problems or birth defects!?!! I’m betting money that both kids will end up on the Autism Spectrum if they make it to their 5th birthday!


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