Devil In A Lawyers Suit - Award Winning film about Jewish leader pedo removed from Jewtube

Please select playlist name from following - See how the gay lobby says a man who does fake gay refugee visas and then uses blackmail to rape his "young gay muslim" clients is the best a gay can be - and they wont say sorry for making that claim.
This includes my own research into his links to Christopher Puplick and the CEO of Australia John Dowd who flies to Bangladesh for the boys with him and denied it later even though I found the press releases proving it. Yes, I gave the details on the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board pedophile ring to Mark Tarrent lawyer / director of this film.
I don’t own the rights to this video, but I’m sure they would want it back online, if not let the DMCA it. It’s in the public interest.
The video was removed a YEAR after it’s publication due to pressure I presume on the Sydney Lawyer who made it.
Jim Fetzer PhD Interview in 12 hours - studio B:


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