Folk Art Hero - AmTrak Hoax Part 5

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Folk Art Hero - AmTrak Hoax Part 5 - In this video we look into the Eagle Scout Hero Dan Konzelman. His story changes with every interview, but I only review 5 of the MANY interviews this guy gave. Mr. Johny-on-the-Spot claimed he was the only one, along with his girlfriend, helping victims escape. Then, by the end of the day he states a Police Officer went in with him, along with their flashlights. You can't find any pictures of him with his girlfriend outside of a couple interviews, and by the way he acts in the interviews, I question if they are even a "couple".
In the next few videos I will be going over more of the actors that claimed to be on this train when it went off. Just like Sandy Hoax, there were just enough clues leaked out to track down the fake dead or who's image they used. If just one death is proven to be fake, then they are all fake.


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