ViralHog's TSA DMCA Takedown Attempt

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Our first DMCA that isn't from Lenny Pozner. I have no idea how people think they should get cash for this, but here it is.

This is my email back to them:


How are you doing. Thank you so much for the email. I have a few questions on the legality of using the DMCA for private videos people have taken from their personal phones.

Is there a studio or business associated with the video in question? Will you please provide us with all resources we need to figure this out.

We are not opposed to licensing but it seems like public footage shot and uploaded would be hard to monetize.

Thank you for your time.

Jason Boss

Their fast reply:

Hi Jason,

Thanks for your email response and questions. The DMCA and US Copyright Law protect all copywritten material, and does not make a distinction between a major motion picture and a poorly shot camera phone video; each is afforded the same copyright protection. I would suggest your counsel advise you on your specific questions. Our initial email still stands and serves as our DMCA notice to you.



And who is the owner of this. Who do we make the check out to and what are your licensing fee structure?



Hi Jason,

ViralHog, LLC owns the exclusive licensing rights for the video in question. Our licensing fees are based on per-post pricing which is dependant upon account size, quality, etc. Your Youtube channel qualifies to purchase video licenses at $50.00 each. I look forward to your response.



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