Really bad fixed NFL game between the Steelers and Chargers.

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Really bad fixed nfl game. even the announcers had a hard time trying to justify this. I used to have the original from the game and utube took it down. ben rapisterbergers face when troy scored the td at the end was priceless. he looked more scared than excited that they scored another touchdown. this game was so rigged. then Troy Polamalu gets an interception and returns it for a td. the score was supposed to be 11-10 and he messed it up. hahaha, all the local jock sniffers on the radio here in pittsburgh couldn’t handle all the callers saying the game was fixed. the tribune review paper had an article a couple days later and said the mistake was in favor of the las vegas bookies by nearly 100 million. I used to have that article but that was so long ago. the local radio jock sniffers even said they would take no more calls from people saying its fixed. hahaha, they even said ’dont try lying to the call screeners’ hahaha


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