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Sometimes referred to as the "Satanic Law of Reversal" Satan’s End Game is to create a world where everything is and will be the exact opposite of what the Creator intended it to be. We can see this all around us with the fake clouds in the sky made out of chemicals sprayed out of planes, tricking the people to think there is a mandate to get mRNA injections that can modify their DNA God Code with ingredients called Luciferase, modifying peoples hormones with things like BPA in food wrapping, can liners and drink containers, GMO foods, psychologically manipulating people to have their genitals mutilated to try and become a different gender or to become both genders, etc., etc.

It would seem that the first step to taking action against this system is to understand their agenda. After watching this video everything they’ve been doing will make more sense !

Thanks to one of the comments below the video I now know who the speaker is in the video, Laura Aboli. I highly recommend watching the full video here:

She also has a website here: and I would like to share a paragraph from that page.

"We are facing a big monster, not just an evil giant but an entity so dark, so omnipresent and overreaching that it’s managed to contaminate every aspect of life on this planet. Humanity is fortunately beginning to awaken to the knowledge of this evil, but the hardest part is to acknowledge that it also managed to percolate our souls." - Laura Aboli

With fake terror attacks , , spraying man made viruses in the atmosphere to deactivate the part of the brain responsible for having a strong belief in God , conducting satanic rituals right in front of the masses at the Emmy’s, the Grammy’s, the Superbowl Halftimes, the Commonwealth Games, etc. ,
fake mass shootings , fake pandemics , , fake mandates , fake elections , and endless other illusions we can not deny the fact that society is controlled by a very dark evil... TRUTH KNOWN


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