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"5,000 French Jews are expected to emigrate to Israel this year."'s working. The anti-semites are doing exactly what the Zionists want...making them best of friends - just as Herzl proclaimed. Imagine having to terrorize people to get them to move to a country that claims it is under attack - by Hamas - an organization created by Ariel Sharon. Think about it. If you only had enough money to build 10,000 rockets without warheads, would it not make more sense to build 5,000 rockets with warheads? Unless all you wanted was terror without death and destruction. Who would want that? The Israeli government. Personally, I'd call this a fake news piece. Magic Marker a Swastika on someone's chest? Really? Sounds like the Monty Python Spanish Inquisition skit with the comfy chair. Indelible Ink! Oh, the humanity! Frankly, it all seems kind of faggy. Terrorized by media is pretty limp wristed. Where ever you find a television, fear is soon to follow. Turn off the TV and it all goes away.


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