Mirror May 1st Warning

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This is Edward Riordan, a famous remote viewing channel (Look into the CIA/Military using RV). Edward predicted the Covid stuff a year before it happened. Anyways, this stood out because of my Alabama Birthday Party shooting hoax video where I predicted something big was coming around 4/30. I’d rather put this out there and be wrong about my 4/30 prediction, than something happened and nobody knew another huge event was coming. I’ve been thinking about this same time frame with much concern, and praying and praying and praying that this event doesn’t play out. If you want to see my prediction about something happening this same weekend Riordan is predicting, please see the following video around the 40 second mark The fact that this is also "MAY DAY" and the SOLISTICES & EQUINOXES changing (which is what these occultists believe in), then I’m even more concerned that this will be one of their bigger events. We all know how they love to throw these events on specific dates for multiple reasons. I’m just hoping that they don’t pull anything, and I’m wrong.


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