Greens leader says you are a homophobic bigot to oppose infant sex fugatives sponsoring visas

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This Gay Pride protest video video was censored from homosexual activist YouTube account and can not be re-uploaded without a new fingerprint/modification. Why? Well....
It was uploaded by a gay rights activist, and shows the top Eschalons of Australian gay politics supporting Infant sex FBI Fugative @slurptea1 Matthew Hynd in sponsoring his illegal immigrant boyfriend.
Source video last linked to from here:,10258#comment-3286562601
See the mayor of Brisbane hugging the baby rapist:
Greens Press Release supporting the @slurptea1 pedo's right to bring more pedos into the country.
Emergency Rally - Stop Ali Choudhry's Deportation! Stand up for Queer Rights!-agHcO6BkFJk
Ali Choundrhy got to stay in Australia contary to Australian law that requires both straight and homos to go back to their country of origin to get a marriage visa if they are illegal immigrant overstayers - and his sponsor was deported from the country for infant sex porn within 3 weeks of his visa being granted. What's going on here?


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