LGBTPedo Normalization Cabal incl. Royalty to jail NSW One Nation Party Leader

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This is breaking news. Ongoing coverage starting here: MSM video intro (not complete)
Recent Josh Monday podcast Ppanel debate on the persecution of John Sunol by the pedo cabal including the
Why Latham is being sued? Royalty Greenwich and boylover Garry Burns are a package deal. watch this blow up into an epic saga.
Alex Greenwich is using defeated boylover and Craigslist child prostitute engaging Garry Richard Burns lawyers. GLLO child sex cult founded special gay police (source last page) only do serious homosexual vilification cases after DPP rejected all 40 referrals from NSW Anti-discrimination board, including 3x against using legislation amendments David Shoebridge and Alex Greenwich lobbied for to make this political attack possible. Don’t mistake what this is. This is a gay pedo mafia attack on Mark Latham.\
You all understand that who Garry Burns does political campaigning for in person with Alex Greenwich just Sued Mark Latham using boylover burns 49zt homosexual villification case law president?
John Sunol vs little Boylover Garry Burns is now front and centre in Australian politics.
Alex Greenwich got Russia condemned by Australian foreign minister reacting to Australian gay marriage activists raping their babies. And my dad was sued for using the Vietnamese internet to disrespect said Russian baby rapists and Michael O’Brien before his partner was charged with Catholic schoolboy rape showing us 49zt NSW Anti-discrimination act was taylor-made to protect active gay pedophile rings. (Garry burns and Alex Greenwich)
@nswPolice assets do violence to frame up mark Latham and give the homosexual trolls with a long long history of stalking Mark Latham the victim card. This is an intelligence psyop. The tweet that’s sending him to jail nobody can share... bump. This video was published by a pedophilic associate of Garry Burns, Michael Obrien exposed here aka qnews. Russia I hope will soon back Mark Latham and condem Alex Greenwich’s lawyers for prosecution of 2x people under 49zt NSW anti-discrimination Act for disrespecting those who human trafficked and raped 21-month-old Russian baby Drake Newton.
Luke - aka @hojuruku aka @deepstatepedohunter(s)


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