LMC&APD take out OTO/Masonic/Satanic pedo-cult troll Katrina Bailey,Simeon&Karen Brewer trash

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I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time since 2017, but due to the amount of attention the pedophile rights activists / smear artists doing cyber-crimes to fight for the honor or lack thereof of their child abuse cults have been seeking recently, we decided we’d do as show off-the-cuff and then really go hard in a Part 2 if needed.
Who is Katrina Bailey? She’s forensically linked to the whole "Kabballah Axis of Evil" (LGBTP, OTO, Chabad) the latter by virtue of her links to Avi Yemini ( and proven Zionist David Bottrill ( leader of child abuse cult whose disgusting doctrine of human blood drinking and Gnostic catholic mass sex magick rituals with real children is exposed on (use pinned post #9 (keep tapping in on pinned post). She even shills for Garry Burns, pedophilia rights activist ( This woman had an opportunity to jail David Botrill but chose to work with him.
I suggest you also explore talking to aka who lost his Greens MP political campaigning twitter account for child rape fantasies directed against my daughter. At any moment I could nuke his twitter account for pedo ban evasion.
If there is a pedophile in Australia, this troll is shilling for them whilst feigning opposition. If there is a right wing group she’s infiltrating it and calling the cops on it’s organic members, for example proud boys. I think there will have to be a part 2 to get into how deep this one is.
We also cover Simeon Cassar armed robber and penis live streamer who works closely with Karen Brewer. If you want to see how depraved and mental, he is, just see the invite link to the @deepstatepedohunters OT group on (my account) and search his name.
Old 153news video mentioning her in the description talking about her links to Avi Yemini Zionist member and defender of the chabad metzitzah b’peh pedo cult (more news coming out about them soon) :
See Angela’s forthcoming blog about this @​
The show starts paying homage to the late Sharon Gifford who also fell victims to Garry Burns and his special Jewish police (Shomrim) connections for daring to speak the truth to pedo power.


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