John Sunol the real #FreeTommyRobinson vs Jewish Judges, OTO & Donkey Dick loving LGBT Police

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Professor James Fetzer PhD ( and Luke McKee presents
John Sunol the real #FreeTommyRobinson vs Jewish Judges, OTO & Donkey...

Move over Tommy Robinson. This case has got Muslim Gang rape links, special gay police, greater abuses of the judical system (#lawfare) and so much more. for rolling updates!
If you watch this video you should spread the news and see all the research links here:

Links on Kruger And Tommy:
(lawfare goes on for years and years Judicial abuse. Sunol holds the record of 3 years)
The judge in the case deserves to be jailed based on my research:
The prior leader of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board tried to jail the press in 2003 for the crime of being against muslim gang rape grooming gangs? Sound Familiar. John Sunol is being jailed for sharing a blog with an author (me) who published content exposing this and ADB links to other rapists / pedophiles.

The "abcplugspedos" case - Gay Judge who specalizes in profiting from secret pay off the child rape victims to be quiet commercial aribtration cases rules in court people are hate criminals for not enjoying their child rape: (most posts by Luke McKee yet john is blamed for what Luke McKee wrote and published on his own google account outside Australian Jurisdiction with his own google account "hojuruku")


Gay Police do donkey dick sucking cyber-crimes (many of them)
DKIM signed email proving NSW Police logged in from Paddington on John's stolen in custody phone (they admit they took it - but won't give it back) Instructions on how to verify it just like the podesta raw emails:

Details about the abcplugspedos case and the Alexander John Wakefield who uses a fake name in court saying he specalizes in representing pedophiles:

Details on the Professor Robert Oscar Lopez PhD who gave the main evidence in the USA Supreme Court Gay Marriage case who was ruled a hate criminal for opposing his own statutory rape in a house of gay parenting as a 13 year old boy: (4:30 mins admits being abused as a 13 year old boy in house of gay parenting) (Robert Oscar Lopez testifying in congress) Pedophile Terry Bean's outfit attacking him. His children of gays podcast His Supreme Court Testimony

The thesis he wrote than Australian gay judge ruled is a crime to link to in the "abcplugspedos" case:
Linking to this thesis AND DOING NOTHING ELSE will have you called a "gay basher" by the MSM
Published the same day the case law:
Paper by the gay judge Alexander John Wakefield published on a law research website saying he specalizes in dealing with child sexual abuse cases in the secret hush money arbitration society he heads:

John sued for linking to a post about Terry Bean where judge ruled Obama isn't friends with gay pedophiles contary to the facts. (see all the links on there)

Katrina Bailey Controlled Opposition OTO victim.
MSM links ASIO, White Nationalists, Anirtak76, Katrina Bailey all together to make a false narrative only Nazi's are against gay marriage. More to follow soon on this mother of lesbian fake anti-safe-schools campaigner who was told politely to disassociate from me and my contacts (Sunol / Father) after she announced she had a 13 year old “lesbian” daughter. Looks like a Lesbian herself
She links to IDF soldiers: yet MSM writes her up as a Neo Nazi.
See update 4. She doxed herself but fasely claimed I did it:
Uses a fake name and tried to secure funds on a fake name on
Whilst I appreciate her anti-gay lobbying against SSM I prefer it wasn't a mother of a lesbian doing it who is a duplicitist liar who defends pedophiles and hosts videos from pedophiles on her Youtube Channel.
ACL loyal sky-writers in Sydney may have actually done the skywriting free of charge, and she claimed credit for it, though I'm not making the allegation.
For the amount of NO's wrote in the Sky, it's nice to see at least some freebies were granted.
Photo of controlled opposition “Cat Klayton” yet another alias.

The OTO case case vs John Sunol will be covered in a future video in more depth. Read the description of the last John Sunol video for the overview of that for the impatient.



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