A TRUE Mother of All Bombs - Exposing Trump - Gavi CEO and DEATH TOLL TRUTH

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today, May 29, 2020...Trump again threatened the WHO funding and blasted them for China blah blah blah I show it here, all links will be below...
today, May 29, 2020...CDC published it death rates as of today, well, as you’ll Gavi CEO say "we’re facing the greatest....." well you’ll hear it and see and hear it here that the CDC publishing says NO!! :)
today, May 29, 2020...Gavi Vaccine Alliance (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) which the WHO is a direct investment partner with, came out appraising China for........well, hear it from the horses mouths themselves ;)
I see many now in comments here calling out Trump for the true Mason/Zionist pig pos he is...later, enjoy the video, share share share!


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