Stop Infant Sex Normalization Activist Garry Burns and AU Govt

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The NSW Government supports Garry Burns a man who sued my father Geoffrey McKee for breaking 47ZT of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act, i.e. homosexually vilifying a gay man [Peter Truong who sodomized a Screaming Russian Baby Drake Newton]. The government [Gay @NCATNSW Judge Alexander John Wakefield who uses a fake name in court] says any and all "gay" men must always be respected in our society [no matter how loud the child rape victim they sodomized screamed].

More information: (hour 2)
Bernard Gaynor sued for the crime of critizing a "gay man" aka pedophile who showed his penis to children on the street:
Geoff McKee sued for vilifying baby rapist and ABC TV Praised Gay Marriage Activist Peter Truong:
John Sunol sued for exposing the case of Noel Crompton Hall getting $100k from the ADB after getting away with raping women in Silverwater Women's Remand centre - cause he got to take his penis into women's cellblock because he said the magic word "I'm a GAY/TRANS". Google Noel Crompton Hall Woman's liberation front. Female rape victims deported from Australian prisons and their own rape trial as victims stopped for the sake of gay pride. I say again - saying "I'm gay" to the ADB who sent brouches into NSW prisons to recruit jailed men who wanted to go into womens prison are actually the genesis of the rape. Research this case. Canada just made new laws that chicks with dicks can go in women's jail after Australia silently reversed the law in '03 after silencing/deporting rape victims. Why? Rape victims don't deserve justice if it gets in the way of gay pride, and pedophiles can't be found guilty or arrested if they are gay marriage activists. You know, gay pride is an omlet & you've got break a few eggs (rape a few women and babies) to make it. After the rapes the ADB gave Noel aka "Maddison Hall" $100k because the warden "violated his privacy" by disclosing his HIV+ status to the female inmates to prevent grevious bodily fluidly harm from occuring. The ADB ruled it was a crime for the warden to aprehend gay HIV+ AIDS semen flowing into women's vaginas both unconsentially and uninformed in a woman's prison - and for the sake of gay pride AIDS must spread. Now with age of consent dropped to 16 and transmission of AIDS decrminalized - any 16 year old who gets the death sentence / gift of AIDS by a homosexual that told him he didn't have AIDS is lawfully inducted into the homosexual death culture.
More links / sources / evidence:

Youtube itself just took down a video exposing Garry Burns threatening to rape, sodomize and murder women - head of occupy Pedophilia St Petersberg. Video will be re-uploaded to 153news where no censors says it's wrong to oppose people who threaten to anal rape / murder women. Just because you say "IM GAY" it doesn't make threatening to by name to rape women and children right Youtube! Who's going to send this message to the NSW Anti-Discrimination board who just ruled recently you must also respect FLAT EARTHERS and Niburu belivers or pay $60,000 in fines. We are now at the point were we can legitimaly ask what planet are these SJWs on. Basically if Youtube says it's wrong to oppose gay activists threatening to rape, sodomize and murder - their actions are deemed so right it's blasphmey to complain. Thanks youtube for saying child / women rape is OH SO RIGHT! Is that the message you want to be sending to your advertisers?

A country that doesn't protect it's women & children from vile pedophilia rights activists (Burns) is a doomed country. Save them from safe schools. See

John Sunol victim of infant sex normalization activist Garry Burns was used as justification for new laws to make it a criminal offense to disrespect a minority group that is 1.5% of the population but somehow people who do homosexual acts between men and boys account for 40% of the entire child abuse statistics.

The government is sending a clear message. It's a crime to hate "gay dads" child rape and the great boylover 666 Garry Burns affilated with the pedophile cult is winning. The ADB says if you say you are gay you are gay. Peter Troung identifies as a "gay man" before and after his arrest for child rape. My father was accused of the crime of disrespecting him. The homosexuals are lumping themselves in with pedophlies and they always have and always will since the time of Harry Hay - aka Mr "NAMBLA WALKS WITH ME" - that all children are forced to praise under Californian Gay Pride Law SB 48.


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