JIM FETZER (3-20-19)Christchurch Shooting, Hallett,

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No one was killed in this video. All violence is simulated like a video game, and is done in the style and content of a video game, but with lower resolution, such that no one would buy it. The purported dead are actually Reticulated Dummies. The Crisis Actors are from Jordan. The Gun is a Replica Air Gun, sometimes not even based on a real gun. 100% of the content is already up on line, except for two men sitting down and chatting about obvious frauds within the fake video game. The non-bullets emitted from the Replica Air Gun were added in post editing. There is no Violent footage. There is no real blood. There are no real injured. The character is shooting a noise-making stick that is not a real gun. No one was injured. No one died. It has very low resolution.

It is actually a Government film, approved by the Government. It is a Gun Control Propaganda movie being analysed. All the blood is stage blood that costs US$100 per gallon. All the faces are blurred over so no one is recognisable. The Replica Gun is a CO2 propelled Air Gun that shoots blanks and emits sound and costs US$100. Actors use Replica guns in every action movie, so all the time. The main character is a 5'4" Actor who was paid. The movie is a fraud, about a fraud, about an event that never actually took place as stated. It was not filmed on the day claimed. The movie is another step in the fulfilment of Predictions. The whole world is run on Predictions. There is no violence in the movie. Two men chatting and exposing a Government Propaganda Movie is not violence.

The Government has admitted that this movie is Government Propaganda. There are no Community Guidelines breached. Everything in the movie is self evident. No ideological claims are made. None of the purported victims went to Hospital, nor to a Funeral Home, nor were they buried, nor were they transferred to another Hospital. We checked. The main character in the movie did not go to Court. We went to the Court at the time of the hearing (Set Down) and no one was there. We phoned and went to the Hospitals and there were no gunshot victims there. The entire Video is about fake claims to an event that was never real, and never happened on the day claimed. It was an occult event.


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