New Zealand, Christchurch false flag hoax - Who knocked over the bookshelf?

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While Mr gunman was shooting away at a man in black at 06:57 in the full hoax video, the man just stood there like superman and didn’t react at all to being "shot" multiple times. Mr gunman seemed embarrassed by his non-reactive nature and so turned to his right side for a second so Mr invincible could get out of shot.

However, it seems as Mr invincible ran off to the left and behind Mr gunman, he clipped the bookshelf and knocked it down, as you can just see its edge as it falls to the ground, and later is also clearly visible on the floor. Then Mr gunman looks the other way, presumably so Mr invincible can get into position at the other side of him. Then when Mr gunman does turn, he is "attacked" by what I believe is possibly the very same man, who got his cue wrong originally, and was the one just standing there at the wrong site of the room like a lemon being shot at and not reacting at all, DOH!

Curious to know what others think. Who knocked over the bookshelf? Was it the same man who was in black being shot at and who attacked the "gunman", same crisis actor again?


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