MattyD Home Biceps and Back Workout Routine

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I’m definitely sore from yesterday using the bench again lol I LOVE IT!!
so this video is definitely shorter, it’s just working out and routine...if I had a camera in the gym following me you’d see a very different routine especially for back but this is for just maintaining and staying strong, healthy at home under our home arrest "lockdown" prison term by the Jew World Order and the sheep who still believe the media, government......

KNOW WHAT’S AMAZING?? how it’s starting to look like 2016 again...see the "pro trump" videos again? saying like he’s stopping the forced vaccination plans...seen that? well...if so, why is Fauci still running shit, why did Trump appoint fellow HIV lover, lover of vaccine research and development FRIEND OF JESUIT FAUCI named Deborah Birx???? hmmmm...yep, Trump the Jesuit educated Scottish rite mason is stopping it all.......later gang! stay woke!!


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