**GRAPHIC** Arizona Cop Philip Brailsford Executing Unarmed Man

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This guy was found NOT GUILTY because the judge excluded the video from the jury as prejudicial, because apparently a video documenting without prejudice what precisely happened is prejudicial. This way, the jury only had the words of the cops as evidence, and the cops lied through their teeth as they always do. This is a disturbing example of how we have gone from protect and serve to us against them!

"Keep your legs crossed! Your hands stay above your head. If you are going to fall, you fall on your face. Crawl towards me."

Why not also order him to balance a basketball on his nose while rubbing his belly and patting his head all the while reciting the alphabet backwards? The young man was scared to death he was going to get shot because thats what happens these days. The dickhead cop should be on death row. This guy posed no threat whatsoever!


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