“Frasier” Creator Angell “Predicts” His “Death” on 9⁄11 AmerAir Flight 11

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“Frasier” Creator Angell “Predicts” His “Death” on 9⁄11 AmerAir Flight 11
[MIRROR] from Johnny Cirucci
Published on Nov 13, 2018
Frasier's Catholic Angell on 9/11's Pre-Planned Treason


BISHOP KENNETH ANGELL: The Diocese of Providence, R.I., where he was auxiliary bishop from 1974 to 1992, has paid more than $1 million to settle lawsuits that accused him and other leaders of covering up abuse by several priests. Bishop Angell testified in a 1990 lawsuit that he did not take seriously allegations — made by both parishioners and assistant priests — that the Rev. William O'Connell was molesting boys. The priest was convicted, served a short sentence, moved to New Jersey, committed more crimes [emphasis mine] and died in prison. In another Rhode Island case, Bishop Angell in 1989 promised to “take care of it” when the Rev. Normand Demers was accused of misconduct with boys while working at a Haitian orphanage, according to a former orphanage staffer.

The priest was brought back to work in the Providence diocese (see more under that listing). More recently, Bishop Angell allowed six accused priests to stay on the job in Vermont, then later gave their names to the state attorney general and suspended them. He would not identify them publicly. ~ Special Reports: Catholic Bishops and Sex Abuse, the Dallas News [oddly enough, this story was taken down but thankfully archived by]

I guess this kind of makes you pause before you shed a tear for David and Lynn Angell, or “Conservative commentator” Barbara Olson who supposedly called her husband Ted from non-existent aircraft phones, or even Todd “Lets Roll” Beamer.

And if you are with me on the Jesuit-controlled Vatican ruling the world, you might as well question the “death” of “very traditional”, Opus Dei,1 Georgetown Jesuit-trained Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, too.

16 MAY 2016, 10:25 AM, EST; UPDATE: I must've reached Jon just as he finished catching fish in the brook that runs by his hovel (with his bare hands, mind). He wrote back to me and noted that David Angell was sitting in seat 8A with Lynn Angell sitting in 8B on Flight 11 (I haven't noted this because it's so obvious—please understand that all of these Flight numbers are designed to seek the pleasure of numerically-oriented demonic forces; “Flight 11” on 9/11, “Flight 77”, etc.).


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