Predictive Programming in a Movie from 33 Years ago... - there’s that number again...

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I remembered seeing this movie when it first came out back in the 1980’s.
We saw it at a drive in theater. Remember those?
No drive-ins exist here anymore. Well I had this movie on a removable hard drive so I ripped the first minute of it.

Read it for yourself, its all a bunch of predictive programming for what is happening now...

BTW I stopped watching tv and movies many years ago once I learned they were invented to brainwash / mind control people.

For some reason the audio track didn’t record onto this one minute clip so I put on another audio clip that goes well with it. Notice how the background goes from red to black and you hardly even notice it... creepy

Thanks for watching and reading.

Sorry everyone, my last video was removed from 153newsnet and now I am unable to upload anything here... I HATE censorship!
I am spending all my time on bitchute now... come see all the content I am uploading there... same username and avatar. Chow!


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