We Can Save Someones’ Life and Start the Counter Attack

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"Mercy" Hospital in Minnesota, is trying to KILL Scott Quiner. We have stopped them from murdering him , so far, by calling the hospital in droves. If we can get him out of there alive, it will be the beginning of a major counter attack against these brutal killers who are starving him and denying him the hydration he needs. I don’t care that this is Stew Peters. Because of his show, this man is alive after being scheduled to be murdered yesterday. I’m asking people to do what I did (19 times so far) and call these bastards and give them hell. Use *67 to hide your number.
Main Number: 763-236-6000 They will transfer you when you to a line that WILL answer after a hold period (likely because they are getting so many calls). Tell them that Scott Quiner better not die at their hands. MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
OR GO FUCK YOURSELVES AND KEEP YOUR MOUTHS SHUT, AND CURL INTO A FETAL POSITION AND LET THEM HAVE THEIR WAY WITH YOU. If you can’t pick up a phone to save a life, you’re not worth the air you breathe.


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