SERCO — The Biggest Company You've Never Heard Of

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We don't teach history, we teach lies! Published on April 8, 2018.
SERCO — The Biggest Company You've Never Heard Of from Lionsville.

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Ole interviews Field McConnell, who was born into a military family, and who has witnessed the fight between good and evil in the world today. Field has turned into a whistle-blower, shining light on the deceptive practices of those powers that are manipulating our world affairs. Field speaks about SERCO, the "biggest company that you've never heard of", a private company out of the United Kingdom, which he claims is responsible for running the entire US Military.

Here in Lionsville we question everything and we have no sacred cows! After-all its obvious that we have been lied to at every turn, by the very people we've chosen to trust.
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