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MAKE SURE to understand this!!
This video is interactive.
Requires you to READ and watch videos.
Lets Begin!
Break it down beyond simple!!
1:WHO gets diagnosed and HOW -From horses mouth
2:Who REALLY gets the diagnosis correctly applied to them? This video!
3:Does $13,000 goto to Hospital for "finding" a positive? See Number 2 above!
4:Does $39,000 goto to Hospital for "Placing a POSitive tester on a ventilator? See Number 2 above!
5:How are they NOW using this fraud to produce mind control and manipulation of the masses?
6:A HONEST Senators View on this!
Were you aware at some point the CDC stopped taking new influenza data for 2020. first time since...?
Why would they just stop taking data at a time like this?
Lets assume those same millions of people still get sick and die just like every year. Wont someone down the line MISS ALL THOSE NUMBERS?
We take the data from flu and any that can be spared, see this videos numbers, ie: heart attacks. Hospice, Cancer etc..and combine them for a new fraudulent number. This is the number set CNN plays 24/7
We call these people "Corona/covid" Cases.
According to their OWN data in this video, they are compiled from the sickest/oldest and ready to die cases they can muster. Problem is the cause of death would never be C-19/corona had not a doctor put it on a slip of paper and called it a fact.
So we have almost 100% people recovering from this "bug" and any who might get it and die will have already been on door of death.
Mind control:
Now we have fear and panic. Here is where the theft and control come in.
The taxes gut the people, the government guts the takes to pass to big pharma and the new breed of banks "health insurance"!! See it?
Lastly the mind control thats coming will be based on a movie here called
Minority Report (2002) -
If not familiar wit it, Please read the description of the movie BEFORE
Watching video under #5.
This is the script I have been screaming about for over 15 years.
Same as in Orwell 1984.


May God grace find you and His peace be with you. Share these and this description wherever you can. I should wake most everyone!



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