Ashli Babbitt Traitor Scumbag #2

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Ashli Babbitt is a lying phony baloney piece of trash TRAITOR. .. All the lawyers had to do was to show that stupid photo with at the bottom, and that says it all. It was Antifa dressed up as Trump supporters. Probably more support from BLM and crisis actors. I wonder how much it cost to bus these people in and stage this insurrection HOAX. $25,000,000.00? I wonder how much it cost to pay everybody off from the crooked poll workers who didn’t check the signatures, scanned ballots 3,4 & 5 times etc. etc. etc. How much did the cops get to throw republicans out, the supervisors, the election committees, the secretary of states, attorney generals, the governors, the judges from Superior Court all the way to The Supreme Court. If they needed 5 to 10 billion to pay everybody off I believe the money was there. We now have Sleepy Creepy Joe .. THE FAKE PRESIDENT. I hope if he appears in public he’ll get a booing he’ll never forget.


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