The PsyOp that Started it all. Remember this- See info

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I remember seeing this when out with some friends at breakfast. Some TV on wall was going on and this came on. I went home, found the video and put into editor. The man falls on knees and hands.. NOT a face plant.Just an actor. And talk about the fake BS at TC .25. Were did that big splotch of blood randomly pop onto the sidewalk from? Foot blood pack. Its a quick frame or two. Dont have the rest of it but am sure it was bloody mess when the blockers were told to give a quick FULL shot of the scene. Amazing. Enjoy and throw things at your monitor. I did! :>

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☝️Luke 10:25 28 -On our Duty
☝️1 Tim 4:9-11 -On Everyones Salvation
☝️1 Cor 15:20-28 -On The Order of Everyones Salvation
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