pakistan bomb hoax

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Sorry I haven’t uploaded for a while, but I had to focus on family. The past 2 weeks is just chock full of fake stories, I had to pick one. I went with a story that wasn’t getting much press, and maybe wasn’t so obvious that it was fake. I didn’t chose the fake Terry (Tyre) Nichols because it was too obvious, or the stupid NFL media stunt that was setup perfectly to attack anyone that knows the clot shots are causing heart attacks throughout the world. After seeing this was in Penshwar, the same place where Noah Pozner died a second time, I felt this deserved some exposure. They are still using the picture of Noah. In fact, I don’t think the news ever replaced that kid’s identity/picture after everyone that has studied Sandy Hook pointed out. They just keep repeating the footage/photo of Noah, and turning up the fear of "Terrorism". It’s like Covid. They know you can’t prove it exists (or doesn’t exist), and they will exploit your fear of dying with their invisible boogieman.


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