Soros’s DA, Gov Desantis, the ADL, Sherriff Mina sanction agent-provocateur elder abuse

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Today on the Real Deal, we expose a developing case in Florida that has the legal potential to be bigger than Jussie Smollet. Jussie lied to the police. So did ADL / agent-provocateur David Newstat who did not break his stride on his trip from his illegally parked car in a right-hand turn lane to push to the ground a 75-year-old grandfather, breaking his hand and further injuring his neck, as filmed by all parties at the scene - only to be called a "Jewish Knight" and victim by the mainstream news and the Orange County Sherriff Mina. This was the first act of political violence committed at the scene. We exposed the Orlando Orange County Sherriff is passing the buck to the George Soros appointed Black Lives Matter Flordia State Attorney that ran on a platform of anti-police corruption and violence for not pressing charges the last two months.

We are joined by Luke McKee anti-pedophilia activist of "deepstatepedohunters" on (, Jason Brown and "Grandfather" Dave of and of course Jim Fetzer PhD.

At the very least after reviewing the evidence, Sherrif Mina believes non-jews are second class citizens in their own country and fair game for political violence (discrimination), and in the worst-case pending the outcome of an FLDE investigation to ascertain if undercover police were in attendance filming the assault by David Newtat darling of the mainstream news against a senior citizen as their own agent provocateur. This end does not justify the means to elicit a rage response from other protestors who didn’t respond to earlier taunts and instigation is involved in a very serious corruption scandal of police perverting the course of justice and sanctioning political violence to provoke a response of self-defence that gets labelled as a hate crime.

Luke being in protests before, seeing police horses step over women almost made him go physical at a Dick Cheney APEC protest in 2007. It is human nature to want to defend vulnerable people from acts of violence and this is often exploited.

In America, even in the MSM news clips, we played they admit EVERYONE GETS TO SPEAK, and Nobody gets to do violence to send a political message, i.e. terrorism. If this is allowed to pass, Make America Florida 2024 will become a euphemism for making America a Zionist state where minorities’ interests that are normalising pedophilia rule and get away with Brownshirt style mob violence against anyone who dissents.

Luke exposed how the Anti Defamation League (ADL) was founded to honour a memory of a convicted and lynched pedophile Leo Frank, that is even against Jewish doctors who oppose the wholesale child abuse of Jewish infants in the metztizah b’peh ritual and therefore could be classed as an antisemitic pro-pedophile organisation, that has no place in American politics.

Luke’s research links for further reading into the case: Two days before the trumped-up charges against protestors made by the use of an agent-provocateur Governor Desantis demanded the protesters arrested and gives his full support or who brag about legalising child abuse in Germany in 2012 after a Chabad rabbi was arrested on child abuse charges. Luke calls 1800THELOST FBI affiliated hotline who confirmed that sucking children’s penises is illegal in religious rituals, then backtracked when they heard who was doing it
Paul Joseph Watson condemned the orthodox Jewish doctrine of Rabbi lips on baby penises and sucking adrenochrome rich blood PJW deemed antisemitic for the above because Orthodox Judaism is inclusive of child abuse
Footage of the premeditated one-sided assault of "Grandfather" Dave: (Bitchute Censored?)
Full Footage of the first time the agent provocateur got out of the car, hurled insults and tried to instigate a conflict: Thread updated by Luke with most of the important information David Newstat’s false testimony platformed by the mainstream FOX News Sherrif Mina calls David Newstat a "victim" - see the most popular video from ABC New York and the one-month-old uploads from Florida MSM Orthodox Rabbis’ love of child abuse a revealing clip
David Newstat’s family links to the Democratic Party and Pedophile Terry Bean’s LGBT Victory Fund: Portland Police protected pedophile Terry Bean’s outfit claims Orthodox Jews don’t support LGBTP, but in this case, they support the offspring of an LGBT union David Newstat An Autist nazi’s amusing clip showing the USA sitcoms talking about Metzitzah B’Peh in an inappropriate way A Jewish Doctor had his medical presentation censored by the ADL, but Chabad is able to give false medical advise Listerine cures covid medical misinformation whilst claiming no infant died from metztizah b’peh "oral suction" of children’s penises and infant herpes. The Rabbi’s father wrote that was involved in fraud. Orthodox Jews have a doctrine of Racial Supremacy and demand their own police force (The Shomrim) and judges as normal police and the common law are not good enough for them. It’s also a crime in Jewish law to report the crimes of a jew to "inferior" races called Goyim. This law is enforced. Democrats only get elected if they accept Jewish demands to normalise pedophilia The slippery slope of normalising oral sex with children in real! This pedophile normalisation cult operates orphanages in Odessa, Ukraine. George Soros spent 1.5 million dollars to elect the DA that appears to support violent assaults of non-black-lives-dont-matter Grandparents George Soro’s candidate claims to be against police corruption and crimes Sherrif Mina got 100% of the vote after the voting system crashed "Osceola election officials had to hand-deliver and manually upload votes to the office after its online portals crashed around 7:10 p.m, elections supervisor Mary Jane Arrington told the Orlando Sentinel." Page made by someone who got into David Newstat’s social media.


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