NZ Brenton Tarrant, Freemasons & Jacinda Ardern

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New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, is heavily influenced by Freemasons, the proof of this is very easy to find, and she has also strangely refused to say the name of Brenton Tarrant. Is she fully aware of his innocence, that is, if he even exists with that personal name?

Also, why have all the publicized press photos of Brenton Tarrant in court blurred his face? They repeatedly show it in a still frame from the video and in an alleged "holiday photo" of him.

If the man in court is the same person, why not just show his face to the world? If he’s a similar looking patsy double, then it makes much more sense to hide his face or people might start to ask questions, and dare I say it, wake up to the complete hoax.

A related video here exposing Jacinda Ardern and her toxic influence and globalist agenda.


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