Tracking GrandMA -Face-Recog from Israel

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If you have not been watching... Israel has taken the lead in tech on many many fronts. Non of it good tech btw.
>>>>Please take a look around about whats stated in the video on trump and what he did.. and why. I have collected things over last 3-4 years on this subject and it ****IS the demon structure*** we have all seen coming. I just have so much information I dont know where to start video making wise so.. theres that :/
The news link has nothing to do with the software but the logo in video kinda sums the whole thing up.

If some clown in your area suggest or use this nonsense at a house of God... walk away and let them know why
Much love all :>
One last thing on a rant.. if you are participating in the nonsense, you ARE part of the problem. dont carry ready made tracking devices with you, pull batteries when not in use and newest does not mean bestest in tech.
Example of this in windows10 the spyware from hell platform. Android runs from software made by g00gle. Does that tell you any thing. Apple is no better. STOP feeding this thing.. as much as you can. More data on you is more power over you. Use the stuff thats a little older and safe to use. A flip phone was cool till you saw a iphone/droid. Its JUST a PHONE!!!! Dont connect to the world with it. Use a PC.. at least you can control most of it and block the rest. Seriously!!
Rant off :- )
How bout some comments on tech then?


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