LGBTP Agenda andAndrogynous Decay - PedoGate

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Did you know, that the seemingly secular drive behind LGBTQ and the U.N is actually a religious doctrine linked to the occult?

While that might seem like a bit of a mouth full if you are unfamiliar with this topic, I can assure you that this is in no way an attempt to slander non heterosexuals, in fact, there are many homosexuals who do speak out against this agenda which mostly seems to have been successfully implemented in the west. Because even they themselves know, that this doctrine isnt about LGBTQ people having equal rights. its about something much more lucrative. Through the normalization of sexual depravity and hyper-sexuality in youth, this whole argument about equality, onced linked to homosexual rights, has re emerged to become the trump card for the liberalization of the world. And what I mean by that is, the same arguments of equality that were once used for legalizing homosexuality, are now being used in an attempt to both normalize and legalise forms of sexual corruption, such as incest... bestiality and pedophilia. phrases like "love is blind", "equality for all" and "legalize consent" are all roaring their heads up to trick the public into emotional guilt.
As we progress through this video, you will see that this agenda is something that is snowballing toward the decay of moral fabric and even personal identity.


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