YouTubes Newest Paid Shill

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*** UPDATE 5/11 *** The paid shill has now changed his channel name to "Mick Dundees Knife Agenda 4 Real GOT IT !" FYI : YouTube channel 'They're Distorting Our Rhythm' aka 'Wayne Newtons Million Dollar Smile 2' is a confirmed Michael Reszneki partner and has teamed up to take down the real truthers that are still left on YouTube . He flagged down our Sandy Hookers channel last night with Michael Reszneki 2119 Michigan Ave. (Unit B in the rear)Los Angeles Cali. 90033 (silver Chevy Cruze) . They keyed on the video "Crisis Actor Orientation" , the channel was terminated and there was not even an appeal with the pink slip this time , just channel terminated . They are also working closely with the channels 'Reality Check 123' and 'Roofuscat 2 who's name' . Their relationship goes way back with Reszneki , where before Reszneki openly admitted being a paid troll they were all best friends . Now they are united again against the real truthers at 153 .


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